Family Support

We are aware that family life can be both challenging and difficult and therefore offer support, guidance and advice to parents and carers to help them do their best. We strive to build positive relationships with families through meetings and regular conversations.


The role of our Parent Support Officer includes:

  • Supporting parents on how to manage their children’s behaviour
  • Supporting parents with routines and boundaries within the school and home
  • Referring parents on to relevant parenting programmes
  • Carrying out home visits to support parent/children in the home
  • Delivering 1-1 Parenting sessions
  • Delivering 1-1 sessions with children raising self-esteem and confidence
  • Supporting parents on an ad-hoc basis on Duty Service
  • Assisting parents in completing school application forms
  • Supporting parents in attending meetings
Parents can make appointments with the Family Support Officer and discuss their current situation by telephoning our school office.