Year 2

Art focus

Hello, I am Miss Logan, an artist working at Drew Primary school. My inspiration for our art projects comes from the books the classes are reading, my lessons are cross-curricular and explore drawing, painting, textiles, print, digital media, sculpture and more! The pupils work hard and we have a lot of fun!

As part of the digital media element in our Y4, Y5 and Y6 projects I thought it would be a great idea to share our work on the schools website with parents, families, friends and the wider community, and a great opportunity to share Y1, Y2 and Y3 work as well. We really hope you enjoy what the amazing pupils at Drew Primary have created. They are full of clever ideas and I love the insights their art tells us about how they see the world.

Textiles and Print

Inspiration book: One night, far from here

Wow! A marvellous art project with the year 2 classes, we were inspired by One night, far from here, a book bursting with weird and wonderful creatures from across the globe. The techniques we focused on were textiles and print.

The children explored new techniques and unusual materials, they drew and made print blocks, printing onto paper and acetate, they painted onto textiles and each had an illustration laminated with sparkly decoration.

The book was unusual in that some of its pages were see-through and printed with leaves and branches to give the effect of a layered scene. The children layered their artworks, Miss Logan called it an art sandwich!

Each child made an artwork with painted textile, printed acetate and laminated drawing, clipped together with a paperclip – the results are shown below. The children worked really hard and the results are fabulous – well done!

Design Work



textiles3 textiles4
Art books and print block



Final piece