Year 4

Art focus

Hello, I am Miss Logan, an artist working at Drew Primary school. My inspiration for our art projects comes from the books the classes are reading, my lessons are cross-curricular and explore drawing, painting, textiles, print, digital media, sculpture and more! The pupils work hard and we have a lot of fun!

As part of the digital media element in our Y4, Y5 and Y6 projects I thought it would be a great idea to share our work on the schools website with parents, families, friends and the wider community, and a great opportunity to share Y1, Y2 and Y3 work as well. We really hope you enjoy what the amazing pupils at Drew Primary have created. They are full of clever ideas and I love the insights their art tells us about how they see the world.

Textiles and Digital Media

Inspiration book: I was a Rat! (or the scarlet slippers)

Year 4 read an intriguing book about a rat who gets turned into a boy, with an unexpected twist at the end, I was a Rat! provided our inspiration. Our art focus was textiles and digital media so each week four pupils were randomly selected to record the art lesson as photographers and journalists, working in pairs.

The pupils transformed images of themselves into rats using collage and colour pencil, amazingly they could still recognise each other through the disguise. We then moved into making child-sized rats trails using fabric, stitch and stuffing, painting the tails to make them realistic. These tails will be used in the school play as it features rats, an unexpected coincidence.

Feedback from the team of journalists:
The journalists discovered what their peers enjoyed about the art lessons, replies ranged from ‘everything’, to ‘doing something I don’t do at home’ to ‘that we get to work as a team’.

When asked what three words would describe their art lessons, responses ranged from, ‘fantastic, phenomenal, exciting’‘fun, normal, pretty good’ and ‘exciting, inspiring, creative’.

When asked, ‘What is your best piece of art work today? What is wonderful about it?’, pupils replied, ‘attempting to sew’, ‘all of this writing, colours and other stuff’ and‘because you design the art yourself’.

In response to ‘What gave you the ideas to make your art work?’ pupils replied, ‘the book, I was a Rat!’‘art teachers and my sister’ and ‘rats are inspiring’.

Finally, we wondered if there was anything that had been particularly challenging?, some pupils found sewing hard, for most it was their first time sewing, one confident pupil said, ‘nothing, absolutely nothing’, and one found making a collage challenging. See the amazing project photos below, by pupils and Miss Logan.




Pencil and pastel drawing


Close up


Words describing the projec



Art books