admissions1We follow the London Borough of Newham admissions policy that identifies the following admissions criteria:

  • Children who live locally and have a brother or sister in the school.
  • Children who do not live locally but do have a brother or sister in the school, provided that a place was not available at the local school for that brother or sister.
  • Other children who live locally.
  • Other children whether or not they live in Newham.

Admission for entry from September 2016 (2016/7 current academic year)

Reception admission for entry from September 2017

Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2017

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If a decision has to be made between children in one of the above groups, the place is given to the child who lives nearest to the school by walking distance. Once a place becomes available for your child you will be invited to attend an admission interview with the Headteacher and you will be informed of a start date. Except for children joining the Nursery or Reception, children generally start school on a Monday.

You will need to bring with you your child’s birth certificate and proof of address. Further details will be provided in the letter inviting you to attend the admission interview.

Nursery Admissions

admissions2Children are admitted to the Nursery according to strictly applied age criteria. Children cannot be offered a place until they have passed their third birthday and then only if a place is available. Places generally become available in September and January when children are admitted to the Reception class. Parents/carers may register their child for a Nursery place with the School Office at any time. You will then be invited to attend an admission interview and meet the Nursery staff prior to being offered a place.

The Governing Body will give consideration to individual cases where a nursery-aged pupil with Special Educational Needs requires priority admission to school.

Children from the Nursery do not transfer automatically to the Reception class. The admission criteria for the Reception class are the same as those listed above for the main school. For those children who obtain a place the school follows Newham’s policy for the admission of Rising 5’s.

Currently there are two admission points

  • September: For children with birthdays from September to February.
  • January: For children with birthdays from March to August of the year in which your child becomes 5 years of age.

Admission Appeals

If you wish to appeal against a refusal for admission, please notify the Head Teacher in writing with the details of your case in full. The deadline is 19th May 2017.

Appeals will be held during June – July depending on when they are sent. If documentation is received after 19th May 2017, the appeal may not be heard before the end of the Summer Term. Please note appeals cannot be heard during school holidays.

Please refer to the school’s Admissions Policy for further information or to complete a form.