Be Brave, Be Bold — Make sure you’ve told!

Every year, anti-bullying ambassadors are chosen from classes in each year group. We also encourage parents and community members to become ambassadors.

The team of ambassadors meet twice a term to organise activities to raise awareness about anti-bullying. They have represented the school at the Department of Education, on the BBC, DLR, at the Swedish Embassy and even House of Commons, amongst others.

Ambassadors patrol the playground to help and support children who may be bullied. They also work closely with the school council and attend meetings to feedback on the different activities they organise — such as Smile Day or Fruit Day.

We work closely with the Diane Award to train our ambassadors to develop confidence in their roles. We are proud to have had two children nominated to serve on the Diana Award National Board over the years.

Every year, the whole school celebrates Anti-bullying Week. Each class focus on a topic and present their work to others in assembly.

We are the proud holders of Anti-Bullying Quality Mark Bronze Award. Here are a couple of paragraphs from the ABQM-UK agency:

The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark is a national scheme which shows how good schools are at preventing bullying. It challenges schools to set up effective and sustainable anti-bullying policies and strategies and make them part of their everyday life.

Drew Primary School is the first primary school in Newham to achieve the ABQM-UK Bronze Award because staff, students  and parents and Governors demonstrated that anti-bullying is a whole school priority in which they all play an active role. in particular, pupils are actively involved in the development of anti-bullying in the school, building on their close relationship with the Diana Award. As a result of their work, the school has developed a range of very effective approaches to prevent bullying, a number of which also meet the ABQM-UK Silver Award.

We would like to congratulate Ivy Scott for her leadership of anti-bullying in the school; she has shown tenacity and perseverance in guiding the school towards the award. She has placed considerable responsibility in the hands of pupils and they have responded in a very effective manner. We would also like to congratulate Ivy’s colleagues, the pupils and parents for their hard work. We hope that the Bronze award recognizes their efforts and inspires them to complete their work towards achieving the Silver level.  

To find out more about anti-bullying in our school, click either here or here.






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